Google AdWords Coupon FAQ

Frequency Asked Questions

I don't have AdWords Account at all. What Should I do?

You can create one right now by visiting and share your client ID. You have 14 days time to redeem the coupon.

Why ColdAd wants to link my adwords account?

Many requests come to our team every day and we want to spend time only for eligible accounts. We need to ONLY visit our own agency portal and check requests eligibility. We won't check your adwords account.

To apply the coupon on your account through our portal, your account must be linked.

Why ColdAd wants to have administrative access? Not read only possible?

We don't need administrative access. But Google Agency Portal doesn't have any other option.

Will ColdAd login to my account or check my billing info?

No. We will only check our own agency portal. Also, Google never show the billing info even to yourself.

Why one business day?

Only give us some time to send you the invitation. Sometime our team is very busy to other tasks. You might get the invitation after one hour.

When I will get the Credit?

After the coupon applied to your account, you need to spent $25  within 30 days to get the $100 credit.

Do I have to get the coupon only through ColdAd?

No. You can always visit Google and ask for coupon directly.

Why ColdAd is distributing AdWords Coupons?

We want to help small businesses to start their online campaigns. Some of you might decide to rely on an experienced agency to drive your AdWords account.

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